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Is your IP leaking?
So most of you, probably have a VPN setup and it works, right? I mean you can go to websites like CMYIP and it shows up like this:
[Image: 9e9cced6b9b990e5e37878193be42568.png]

I mean, it says no Proxy is detected, right? So you're completely anonymous now, can't be found and shit, right?
Well sorry to rain on your parade, but, your IP may still be leaking in the background.

Try going to websites like:
IPLeak or VPN Checker to see if you're actually hidden properly behind your VPN.
In most cases, your IP, will still be leaking, people just aren't aware of this, especially if you're using Chrome. (Will explain that in a bit.)
If you aren't hidden properly, it'll show up like this. It'll list both your real IP, and your VPN.
[Image: c1bbe755424622f3fe33f3888c7c7cfe.png]

So why is it leaking? And how do I stop this?
So there's this thing, called WebRTC, which is a bitch, it was made to put a connection between the different browsers, so you wouldn't have to enable any type of plugin or any of that sort to transfer things between browsers, Real-Time-Communication, hence the RTC.

"WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an API definition drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without the need of either internal or external plugins." - Straight off Wikipedia.

Also for stupid reasons, in Chrome, you can not disable this, without having to install plugins for the browser, and those plugins, may actually ruin things on a few websites.
This is mainly just an issue on Windows though, so if you're using Mac, Android, OSX, Linux, all that poo, you should be pretty safe, or at least able to turn it off easily.

Private Internet Access and Tor have both issued a warning about this, that your IP may still be leaking, so if you're using either one of these two, I ask that you check to verify this.
The issue with WebRTC is that, it connects to the server, outside of your VPN, it basically takes a circle around it, which is mainly Windows related, because svchost.exe doesn't respect the VPN tunnel.

All of this is actually sort of old news, but I know a lot of people still aren't aware of this, so it still needed a tutorial.

But now, to fixing it..
If you got Firefox, it's pretty simple actually.
Open your browser, type in about:config” in the address bar. Scroll down to “media.peerconnection.enabled”, double click to set it to false. And you're done.

When it comes to Chrome.. It's a bit more tricky, but it is possible, though your browser may have some issues on some websites afterwards..
Install Script Safe and/or WebRTC Block

WebRTC Block you simply just install and enable, it MAY work for some, but in most cases, it doesn't really do the trick.. (Only disable WebRTC related things, less issues around it, but doesn't fully work..)

Script Safe you have to install, then enable by going to options and press Enable. May take a while for it to activate, but one activated..
Both IP's will show up as empty. But it's a way of preventing your IP from leaking.
It MIGHT cause some issues here and there on other websites, but, you can choose to white-list those websites, to prevent it.
[Image: 6909ce28ad5096eb87a1c21fa3a8ef47.png]

So suggestions would be, switch to Firefox
Thank you so much for the post.
So helpful! Have to check this out later! thx

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