Is it beneficial to take vitamins?
by Yemale - January 24, 2020 at 03:40 PM
I mean you get superpowers gotta count for something right
Who cares? You're going to die anyways.
Only take the vitamins that you're not getting from regular food
It's fine if you take something you'd lack otherwise like Vitamin D and Zinc is really beneficial
why not just take a multivitamin and thats it. also omega 3 is good for you
I have heard it depends on which country you live in terms of what trace elements might be missing from your diet
If youre serious about which vitamins you need, you have to go to a doctor and ask for a blood test bro, you can't just guess whats missing, it doesn;'t work like that!

You can't o/d on most vitamins as your system flushes out the extra,, but there are some like vit A which can get toxic at high levels,,
As mentioned a good diet outweighs taking alot of supplements , but can't hurt you either
I read something a while ago that doubted the benefits of vitamins... like they don't readily get absorbed or something
vitamins are okay. But usually if u are a young blood u dont need them
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i mostly take vitamin c, its like a big round pill that dissolves in water, taste like bad orange juice
(January 27, 2020 at 11:56 AM)Umbrella Wrote: Vitamin C is also a good idea plus vitamin B and Omega 3
There's no point taking vitamin C,dont waste your money

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