Is it beneficial to take vitamins?
by Yemale - January 24, 2020 at 03:40 PM
They just making your piss colourful and expensive. Dont bother
I like to fossick in the dirt and push some soil into my mouth, then chew it slowly, savouring the taste (mucho vitamins)
It's only beneficial if you are lacking them. If you eat a bit of food from every food group you should have most of what you need. I would say any B vitamins (especially B12) are beneficial to take regardless of your diet.
I think a balanced diet does alot for your health but it also can't hurt to supplement your diet either.
If you can't eat enough like me (I'm not good at cooking), I realized that I got less sick when using these products.
Of course man. It improves your immune system. Try to watch Doctor Farrah at Youtube. Trying out natural medicines and herbal.
Yeah it's always good to have check-ups, regardless of diet
I can't see a scenario where vitamins are not beneficial
Unless you've gone for a checkup and you've been told that you have vitamin deficiency, I'd say just stick to a balanced and nutritious diet and you'd be fine. In fact, there's even the risk of vitamin overdose if you take it unnecessarily.
Depends on age group, diet, genetics and other factors. I'd say in general the best bet is to talk to a doctor about deficiencies
As long as you buy a reputable brand, then it certainly won't hurt you.
Does nothing if you have a balanced diet, if you are unhealthy then maybe becoming more healthy would be more beneficial than buying vitamins.

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