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Is Fullmetal Alchemist good
It has pretty good ratings, most people like it i'd say.

Personally i'd say like 6/10 but just looking at avg ratins on MAL you'll see most people love it more than me.
oh, it's badass! a must watch!
It is the greatest anime of all time so yeah.
you must watch full metal alchemist brotherhood, it is the good one
Of course . I really love it. Brotherhood, love ... My favorite character is Roy :D
it's a good time, i think it's more than worth your time, definitely
Brotherhood is amazing, do watch it. But don't bother with the original as it strays too far away from the manga and the quality goes so downhill ._.
I you love FMA you can watch Samurai Champoo
check it out on netflix bro !
My girlfriend loved it and she usually don't watch anime : just watch it.
Fullmetal Alchemist is a good anime ! I tips it
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For me, it was decent, but like there are way better ones out there that you may as well watch instead.

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