Is C# Dying???
by pthygb8l - February 27, 2017 at 12:24 PM
For game devs that use unity3d engine C# sure as hell is alive.
C# is constantly growing in popularity especially with MS buying Xamarin and C# basically being cross platform now, it has the power of the .net framework and is promoted by MS while being efficient at the same time. I know professional coders and their work mostly uses C#, they were previously C++ coders but love C# because of how efficient it is. I don't think any language ever really "dies" as even languages such as Delphi are still about.
.NET provides access to many services that other languages can't bind to, or would be extraordinarily difficult to bind to. C# is the only procedural language that is worth learning if you want .NET bindings, since F# is too weird for most people and VB.NET is complete shit.
c# is my favourite tbh it aint dying soon
C# is still widely used for windows applications and is still being taught in many schools however I would recommend switching to C++ or C if you want to develop for other platforms in the future such as Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS etc.
no c# is the best language u can learn easly
Its, not i using and im very very pro coda C: me is pro hacka im the best hacka inw rodl carder C: Smile
As it stands I believe it's fine, I'm actively learning it in classes and can see it is a very useful langugage. Although let's be real, it'll end up dying, just not right now.
It's better to learn C# than thinking about if it will die.
If you understand one programming language you will understand others rapidly.
I'm still in school so I can tell you that the idiots of today don't want to download programs to do something they want everything to be done from a browser so I would say that c# could die soon.
(February 27, 2017 at 12:24 PM)pthygb8l Wrote: Is C# Dying???

lets hope so

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