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Is Attack On Titan Overrated?
Attack On Titan is a new anime that is extremely popular. But should it be this popular? Post yes or no below and a reason why.
I think it is a bit too overrated. I tried getting into it, but lost interest fast.
Its way overrated, its kind of sad that people think thats the best shit ever. The manga was good, the anime was shit, the movie is a joke, idk it all comes to opinion.
Yeah, totally overrated, BUT it doesn't mean it's bad. I just think it is the new generation's DBZ really. 
 It has it's merits, but it's no where near as good as people make it sound.
Like BossHelix said, it's definitely overrated, but it's still a good show.
A better example for an over hyped-anime that shouldn't be is SAO.
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