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Iphone vs Samsung
Neither. One plus 5T is my hero right now
It's samsung for life for me. I've owned every Galaxy S that's been released.
I hate iphone, sorry my vote is for samsung
I have never had an iPhone, only samsung but I've used it a lot because my family almost exclusively buys apple products. To be honest, the phone is not bad but I prefer the android OS. Truth is, right now, the latest phones for both samsung and iphone are way too expensive for what you're getting. I've now changed from samsung to Oneplus because of that.
Definately iPhone, the UI is clean and good looking.
I prefer Apple, but samsung is decent as well.
This is so easy to answer. Do I even have to write the answer Samsung down?
One is very limited, the other one isn't.
Fervent anti  ios and fan of android so... samsung for me.
Samsung. Personally IDC about cell phones anymore. Whatever I get, it will always be better than my phone from 2014. LG would be fine.
IPhone. Out of the box.
Samsung user for years, but once I went apple....I will never go back.

But samsungs are good for burner phones

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