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Iphone vs Samsung
samsung, you can flash custom roms !
IPhone. Out of the box. Good!
I used to have iPhones, but Samsungs just have more options for customization and don't require iTunes *shudder*
Iphone is too restrictive - android too open...
I had a samsung g3, which was nice until it got worn down by software.
I got an iphone 6 right after that and it served me pretty well. (as long as you don't need service from apple)
As an iOS dev I use an iPhone and I've never ever had problems with it. Tried Android devices sometimes, but nah. Not my type.
I used samsung for quite a while, I would like to try out some other brand. No iphone though, I don't want cancer.
Samsung! Used an iPhone for I guess over 5 years. Android is the way better OS!
Wouldn't get any of them. OnePlus, Google phones Pixel, Nexus) are the way to go Smile
If I have to choose, will choose Samsung
iPhone all the time Heart
On a site like this I'm very surprised to see so many people that are pro-Apple. Get outta here.


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