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Iphone vs Samsung
Hello, friends! What do you prefer? IPhone or Samsung?
I'm currently using an iPhone 6s

I've used both and prefer iPhone.
Neither. You should get a REAL phone.

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IPhone, but I usually change my mind real quick.
Used both but i prefer samsung
Neither, get a One Plus 5 lol
iPhone because in day to day stuff I'm a lazy fucker but I keep a Nokia around because that shit is impossible to destroy (I had it play a racist ringtone so black people would attack it and it was still fine after)
I've always been an iPhone person, but there's merits to both!
iPhone. The 7Plus camera quality is orgasmic.
I like Samsung over Apple, but I hate touchwiz and such.
Samsung makes nice hardware, but their software is terrible
I've always been an iPhone person.
I like Samsung over Apple,away

Phone because in day to day stuff I'm a lazy fucker

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