Internet speed at your country.
by shadow2x19 - January 24, 2019 at 09:15 PM
200mbit 39,99€

In some months Gigabit for about 130€

North Germany
100mbit 15,5$
Central Russia
we have the 5th fastest internet in the world Smile
I'm enjoying Gigabit service here in central USA, price is a bit up there though
Up to 200mbps @ 60 euros/month. But the average is 20-30mbps @ 20-30 euros.
1 Gbit/s for 25E/month in France.
It's slow and expensive where I'm at.
Up to 2000 Mbps Download Speeds @ $300
United States
i think here the better internet cost around 500R$ and the velocity is 100gbs
About 110 € in Spain, including crappy TV. Speed is symmetric at 600 Mbps. And it really gets there...
And here on my country, the interenet service have to addict the tv and phone service too lol
In Spain speed max 300 mbps

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