Internet speed at your country.
by shadow2x19 - January 24, 2019 at 09:15 PM
10gbps for ~2k euros, but I think its only for bussines. For home use, 500mbps under 50 euros with internet TV.
In Poland everything depends on the ISP but maximum speed is about 1gb/s (i pay ~70 euro)
Got 100mbps for 15€ in my contry
(May 19, 2019 at 07:55 PM)Eras14 Wrote: Got 100mbps for 15€ in my contry

wow thats really cheap. I pay 40€ for 100mbit
In small village near prague 150mbps for etc. 12euros. :(
I get 100mbps for $60 a year
I am on 1gb for 50$ a mount
80/mo for 100Mb/s in eastern usa
only 100Mbps at home.
300Mb/s ~ 10-12€/month
500Mb/s ~ 15€/month
1000MB/s ~ 18-23€/month

BUT minimal salary is 370€/month(in full time, 160h in month).
Average salary is 840€/month.
Got about 100mbit standard and 1000mbit for the lulz.
it is actually 10 Gbps download, 50Mbps upload for ~2.000$ per month.

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