Internet speed at your country.
by shadow2x19 - January 24, 2019 at 09:15 PM
What is the maximum internet speed and price  that you are aware is offered to home users in your country?
10gbps for ~2k euros, but I think its only for bussines. For home use, 500mbps under 50 euros with internet TV.
In small village near prague 150mbps for etc. 12euros. :(
I get 400mbps for $15 a month
(January 25, 2019 at 11:04 AM)koudi Wrote: In small village near prague 150mbps for etc. 12euros. :(

Why dont you publish your address?...
50mbps for 19 euros in western germany
German Village under 20k people.
1gbps available but just purchasing 100mbps.
100mbps is about 45€ and 1gbps little over 100€.
About 1GPBS, cost varies but between 70 to 150 euros.
I think I pay 50 US for 100/10 which is the highest speed available from my company for a residence. Some big cities in US have gigabit symmetrical though. Not 100% sure on price but I imagine its around 70-120 per month.
mid town in mid europe 500 mbit/s about 15 euros per month
Italy max 300 mbps, but the average is shit, like 20 - 30 mbps, for 20/30 eur months................

my connection have 100 mbps max
Germany, in the big cities you can get 1Gbps for 150 € a month (private, async).

I am on 200Mbps, but only 8Mbps up Cry

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