Infobusiness 2019-2020 (thousands of lead gen records)
by rezilgt - June 10, 2020 at 03:33 PM
A huge collection of databases on infobusiness for 2019-2020
Databases from such affiliate programs as Epei, Click, Hidden, Glopart, Justlik, Bender and so on. Mostly russian users. Data includes email addresses, names, addresses, but NO PASSWORDS.

173 files totaling 580mb. Not sure exactly how many individual records, but a lot.

There is also a bit of gambling and credits.
Both general collections of affiliate buyers, and collections of individual authors.

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#;Дата;ФИО;E-Mail;Телефон;Сайт;Заработок;Статус платежа;
17722300;25.03.2020 16:45;Дмитрий;[email protected];;Обмен валюты;12;Оплачен;
17722264;25.03.2020 16:45;Сергій;[email protected];;Закрепительный платёж ;12;Новый;
17722258;25.03.2020 16:45;Нина Васильченко;[email protected];;Закрепительный платёж ;12;Новый;
17722261;25.03.2020 16:45;петр;[email protected];;Закрепительный платёж ;12;Новый;
17722251;25.03.2020 16:44;Наталья;[email protected];;Закрепительный платёж ;20;Новый;
17565759;25.03.2020 16:44;Роман;[email protected];;Закрепительный платёж ;12;Новый;
17722254;25.03.2020 16:44;Іллюк Павло;[email protected];;Закрепительный платёж ;12;Новый;
17722215;25.03.2020 16:44;Бауыржан;[email protected];;Закрепительный платёж ;12;Новый;
17722022;25.03.2020 16:44;Анна Алексанян;[email protected];;Закрепительный платёж ;12;Новый;
17722154;25.03.2020 16:44;Николай;[email protected];;Обмен валюты;11;Оплачен;
nice data thank you mate
Add a new link please, this one exceeded the limit, does not allow you to download
When you say gambling so you mean data from gambling casino sites etc??
Link dead. Please fix it.

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