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Indian scammers got Rekt!
Rest in Piss dirty little cow fuckers.

That was a funny video.
Got any more of them, or anything like it?
Noice it's cool, I hate scammers.
anyone in the media vet this yet? seems a bit convenient....
What a hero! I'm glad to see people fighting back. That video was quite entertaining, thanks for sharing.
(06-29-2017, 12:24 PM)Ravioli Wrote:  Rest in Piss dirty little cow fuckers.

keep posting these i will spread them far and wide for everyone to see.
nice video! so many scammers in this world...
the Indians being spammed with the calls instead of the people, talk about role-reversal
Someone needs to just put India out of their misery, it's such a shit country.

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