Imagine What You Could DDoS with NASA's Wifi
by ISwearSheWas18 - September 04, 2017 at 10:42 AM
NASA as we know has wifi speeds that can run at 97 gb per second. If someone tried to use that bandwith or whatever to DDoS you how much do you think it could damage.
NASA is government. Government is bad. Period.
97gbps isn't enough to hit big corpoerations !!
rootin pentagon bnotnet
who still ddos? most good sites have good protection
(September 05, 2017 at 07:03 PM)tit Wrote: who still ddos? most good sites have good protection

Yeah, like, you have free mitigation services out there like bitmitigate and cloudflare.
It would be pretty decently powerful...
I don't know... If I had access to that, I would be downloading my steam library immediately instead...
96.8Gb/ps. You never specified how many devices are being used.
Also, it depends on how many different AP's they have.
And, you aren't accounting for Ethernet connected devices.

Last but not least, this assumes that the devices have port speeds that can handle that type of speed.
if it's NASA vs. Google, I'm betting on google.
I have the feeling that I would first be arrested for the abuse of NASA's network and then because of attack on a some web site.
So, thanks for so much speed but speed also can kill....

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