If you kill someone, where would you hide the body?
by zaogord - October 30, 2019 at 07:20 PM
If you just killed someone and now you are supposed to hide the body without being caught.

Where would you hide it?

I'm looking for ideas, maybe you guys can help me out.
Assuming you're not able to burn it and crush the bones into ashes then probably go out into a unfrequented forest and dig a grave like the good old days, if it's deep enough and you covered your tracks then it won't be found.
I would put the body it in a plastic bag, make a small hole in the bag so the juices can leak out very slow and hang it all in a tree. In some big dense forest.

Ever heard of someone looking in a tree for a corpse?
in your nans asshole
Dahmer melted the skin into jelly and flushed it, then crunched up the bones and sprinkled em about
(October 30, 2019 at 10:25 PM)Jimmy Russel Wrote: in your nans asshole

I'll have to dig my nan's grave and then dig up my nan's asshole to hide the body.
Genius! No one will ever suspect that nan has a man in her ass.

How long have you been into this profession Jimmy?
It depends where and how you killed the person.

Don't listen to the guy who said burn it. You can't get a fire hot enough let alone sustain it. You would need a freakin truck full of oil. If you're going to burn anything, make it their clothing and possessions.

If you're going to bury the cunt, dig the hole BEFOREHAND. Especially now with the temperatures dropping so much over night. Once the ground freezes, forget about it. It takes a lot of work to dig a proper hole even in good weather. You also want to know the area very well. Can't have condos going up there in 5 years or some shit.

Dismemberment is a good option there. Multiple holes in different areas. Head first. Then the arms and legs, leaving the torso. Cut at the joints. A reciprocating saw does the job nicely. Type of blade doesn't matter. So yeah, six smallish holes in different areas. You want to go down at least 4'. Don't need six like in a cementary but below the frost line. A cementary is an option if you wanted to be cheeky I suppose. Find a freshly buried cunt and throw yours in there as well but then you're working at night, under the clock. Some fags, satanists, junkies (all the samething really) could be sneaky in there at night and then you have to kill a couple more fuckers.

Dumping in a body of water is good, roll them up in chicken wire first. Don't be going to Homey Depot late at night and using your cc to get it. Also, cut open their abdomen to release the gasses that will build up so the fucker doesn't float and so the fishes get in there. It's actually smaller aquatic life that's going to do the majority of the work so don't worry if a lake is known for poor fishing or something like that.

There's chemical options to hasten decomposition. But that's a big debate. The problems you could run into.
(October 30, 2019 at 07:20 PM)zaogord Wrote: I'm looking for ideas, maybe you guys can help me out.

That sounds evil. I don't want to know what you did but I think you should watch breaking bad since there was a scene where they did what you are looking for.
Holy shit these replies lol. What a thread.
all of this is so disgusting omg

p.s. no one said that you can eat it
(October 31, 2019 at 01:04 PM)meggiescouldm Wrote: all of this is so disgusting omg

p.s. no one said that you can eat it

You sure that we are disgusting ones and not you?
yeah guys, I wouldn’t like to be your enemy. so many comments, so many ideas. lol I'm afraid of you

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