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If you do this, you'll get Raided!
If you get a sketchy package or have a gut feeling that you could get raided, do not bring in the package inside. EVEN IF it's only for like 2 seconds to write "Return to sender" as that still nullifies the search warrant. You will get raided anyways, so hopefully you had a clean house. If you get a love letter, clean house. If you feel iffy about a package, don't accept it. If you don't want to sign, or don't want to go down to the post office, that's fine. Listen to that thought in the back of your mind, it's right!

is this really a common tactic? Because i've read around a bit that certain packages (usually the one that the police consider to be involved in illegal stuff) can be intercepted by the polic, tracked and then go on their merry way to your front step, where they act as a trojan horse.

Personally i always believed that it was far stretched, but after listeting to that video it does seems a bit more realistic and it makes me think how low the bar is for the police and how few your actual right that protect you in those situation are. Kinda scary stuff if you stop and think about it
I once got a letter saying a package had been seized by authorities, asking me to come to them to collect it. Noped out of there, didn't hear anything again.
(12-02-2018, 11:16 AM)Bistrus Wrote:  is this really a common tactic?

Ask Krebs:

In general I don't think it's that common, though. You'd have to really piss some people off. It's also not particularly cheap since you need to actually purchase enough of whatever you're sending for them to face serious charges.

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