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If you could ask santa for a gift, what would it be?
by zaogord - December 19, 2019 at 10:46 PM
Its christmas in 5 days, hope you guys are ready for it.

Many of us are now grownups and know that santa is not real.
But if he was real and you could him one thing for christmas, what would it be?

Obviously things like money and love, dont apply. Because everyone in the world wants money and everyone wants to be loved.

For me, i'd ask him for a new laptop. maybe a Mac book or a Lenovo X1 carbon.

What would you guys ask him?

Merry Christmas,
Much love Heart
Graff Diamonds Hallucination watch so i can sell it and get 55m$ easy
a new very powerful pc. that would be it.
Health for the whole family is my only wish. Nothing else matters.
santa where is my big tiddy goth gf
The UK to have another fucking election but ban any billionaire influence.
I would ask Santa to make Jesus appear in front of me,, if anyone can do it, Santa can
unlimited money? who doesnt want that
New xbox and 1 nice girl jajaja
A good wine, some cheese, salami, French bread & olives, before getting a good blow job, that lasts till New Years. lol !  What else could a 73 year old man need ?
  (PS, she need to be at least 20 years younger than me, takes her time, has soft hands & lips & not fat at all. I'm not into Inflatable mattresses.)  lol !!
   Merry Christmas all !!!   Ol' Fart Dreamin' of better daze.
a big chocolate motorcycle to be honest
a reliable car. that would be so helpful

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