Idiot that deserves to die off.
by NeuRazgriz - 11-12-2017, 06:02 PM
This fucking idiot, he think that's funny just because he can't say a single word in english. 
He banned me when I KINDLY told him to either stop talking during cutscenes or at least to say something related to the game, and he raged so hardly, and kept shit talking me during the whole fucking session. It's fucking cringeworthy, I tell you. Not only he has pretty much no viewers but he's also always angry. I think that it would be cool to raid and tell him to shut the fuck up.


The truth is, that is just my channel. I just want to get raided by you guys, because I think that you're amazing and it would make for a great gift to have at least once more than 2 viewes and a pretty active chat, even with emoji walls and stuff. But the "can't speak" part is true, i've even stated in the rules that's ok to mock me for my atrocious pronunciation in the chat. As pathetic as this wish can be, I just want for once, to be part of something, to have at least somebody telling me "hey, your livestream doesn't work because this this and this" some feedback and shit. Or just people saying "sieg heil" in chat. That's nice too.Also because of my timezone (GMT + 1) I can either stream when it would be very late in the night or early in the evening, for my target. (which is literally anyone who speaks english and is not a normalfag)
edgy and gay fag ..............................
uh no thanks don't ask for your own channel to be raided x

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