Ice Poseidon and Halie Plane Bomb Threat
by Omnipotent - April 28, 2017 at 05:44 AM
1) Fuck the police
2) Good job asik, seriously
3) Just lay low lil nigga, they won't find you
4) Fuck Drama Alert
5) Fuck PurpleArmy or whatever those faggots call themselves
rip ice, hope he aint permed though
his fault for leaking the shit, he knows its bound to happen
Haha, wp Asik! Funniest thing I've seen today
I gotta say, it'd be pretty fucking hilarious if someone were to swat the return plane too. Going for the event he was headed to is probably less than ideal - they probably have some security on the door and could comfortably go in less gung-ho.

Any Aussies up to the challenge?
(April 28, 2017 at 05:44 AM)Omnipotent Wrote: So Your Boy @Asik Has Sent a Bomb threat to Ice's plane leaving LAX to AUS.
Apparently FBI made the plane land in AZ and both Paul (Ice) and Halie were taken off the plane for questioning.

Anyways I was a witness to the call, I don't know if @Asik is going to send the voice recording of the call or not but I was not really involved other than being there listening.
Ice did say he recorded the conversation with FBI so hopefully he uploads that for the kek content.

News Coverage

[Image: RF_Vg6w.png]


P.S: @Sem is gay.
Is it time to rename RF to BombThreatForums yet?
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lmfao rest in pepperoni
this whole thing is funny
Goodjob buddy you're a fucking genius haha i remember when i was some internet skid i knew that i had to sign up to this forums just to leave this message

asik you're fucked buddy i'm hoping that you're underaged and have a really good explaination for this because the police will find you

I swatted 2 schools and i thought thta they would never find me since i was sooooo "anonymous" but just with you admitting to swatting him ur basically fucked sorry bud

just got out after 8 months of juvy hope you dont get arrested.... buuut you probably will Smile
So apparently mexicanandy paid @Asik to swat him, its all over dramaalert.

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