by J_G - April 25, 2021 at 09:50 PM
Hello guys, here's your favourite Paki.

Today i'm uploading a with all the ISIS links' propaganda. I don't know how much time they will work, so check fast!!.
Those type of links are spreading along social media to spread their voice.

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I consider myself an informed person in this field because I have been researching for more than 2 years.


-The muslim Paki Heart
why you have locked the links
Why would anyone spend 8 credits on this? lol
(May 04, 2021 at 12:16 PM)SunSinger-Adept Wrote: Why would anyone spend 8 credits on this? lol

What is in it? just images of posters?
Hey! This is not worth 8 credits, you have to share it for free.
Thanks for the heads up before I spent creds.
Due to the kiddos faggots trannys that wouldn't pay to unlock the bastard link, i'm going to post free because it suck.

Also I don't know how to post a link free and I don't care about your opinon or if you can teach me.

Have a nice day! Give me a reply bro.
"spread their voice" aha spread the voice of extremist radical terrorists who do mass execution and mass rapings of women and children.
I'm sure we all want to have their voice spreaded. Sure.

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