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IPTools by EnderAPOX - |Skype Resolver|Geolocator|Port Checker and More!
If this is legit then it seems pretty cool man.
(08-18-2015, 10:27 PM)JBertie Wrote:  If this is legit then it seems pretty cool man.

It is legit. It was Approved by @[GOD] Hawk
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downloaded it seems really good and works, nice job
This is amazing. Great job!
just gave you a thanks. nicely done.
#18 Tongue
This a NICE app but I usually stick to web based ones. I can vouch for it working
(09-08-2015, 03:53 PM)cenehax Wrote:  Tongue

It's openSRC so you can feel free to look through the code
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(08-17-2015, 09:17 PM)EnderAPOX Wrote:  RF is always using resolvers, so I programmed a massive all-in-one resolver. I created this for RF members only, but if you have a close friend that you wish to send this to, feel free to do it.

List of current tools:

-Skype Resolver
-Ip2Skype Resolver
-Email2Skype Resolver
-Host2Ip Resolver
-Ip2Host Resolver
-Ip2ISP Resolver
-Port Checker
-Email Validation Checker
-CloudFlare Resolver Heart
-Minecraft Premium Checker
-Website Up/Down Checker


[Image: e1c17108d7222414d5ea5bb39f649444.png]
[Image: aea813ade4d2d8dda8386d7ecdf21bf8.png]

Attached Download - Approved by @[GOD] Hawk
VirusTotal Scan:

- If the program cannot connect to the API server it means it neither detects you as a zombie participating in a DDoS attack so you should try again later, or the program is lacking some permissions(most common to fix run the program as admin)
- If you find any bugs please report them here!
- It's likely that the 2.0 version will operate on a custom coded API, written ofc, by me.

Any other questions? Reply to this thread!

i would love to bump the shit out of this but.... [Image: 9aeeb803956f66956553e5db78564d66.png] credit pred 4 his api's plz
Also I listed this as a direct inspiration for my toolbox
Even though I'm running it as admin, I still can't get it to work.
Will try this out later. Thanks. -)

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