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IOS or Android ?
IOS or Android ? 
Let's see what you think :D
definitely android. Can be rooted. a large number of different applications and the most important android is cheaper with excellent performance
The choice is obvious for me at least. Android all the way. It can be easily customized (programs and such) and rooted (depending on the version). I'm a poor fella, so money is one deciding factor too. Apple's products are overpriced compared to their performance (I'm not saying their products are bad).
Android, never liked ios
IOS because of Normie shit
Android because of coding shit
i prefer android because iOS is a bit laggy and shittt
Ban reason: Leeching. (Permanent)
i prefer android because i use only samsung and iphone sucks
Ban reason: Ban evading. (kekschee) (Permanent)
For me Android is better. Ios too complicated.
I have both, but I prefer android. You simply can just do more with android than you can with an iphone. I have a Samsung as my primary phone, while I use the iphone 6 as a burner as well as other err things lol..
Android because rooting is possible. iOS is too restrictive, nothing what you can really do there
not interested in paying thousands of dollar for dancing emoji face.  android needs extra apps to make secure tho.
for hacking 100% android

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