ID file , been asked to repost it.
by Crazyoldfart - April 14, 2019 at 08:05 PM
so this file contains... what exactly? ID templates?
(April 14, 2019 at 08:05 PM)Crazyoldfart Wrote: thank you
This came from & the guy who asked me to repost it, could not find it there. WHY ? Because the minute they SEE anything like this posted, someone FLAGS it or they just remove it. So, unless your like me & go there 10 times a day, you will miss out on anything like it, Consumer Data, Voter Registration lists not for Genealogy. They let ragheads recruit terrorists or let morons post conspiracy bull-shit that is out of all reality, like 911, Columbine & the Connecticut School Shooting, saying that they never happened, which any moron would know that is bull-shit. Or the stupid fuck that posts court records that not one person in 10 years has EVER looked at, let alone downloaded a copy & I watch them, so I know. A big waste of time wading through that shit to find anything worth having, like on here with this fucked up porn, emails & password shit. CRAP !!! No normal human wants that garbage who is not spamming someone or STEALING shit & headed to jail while doing drugs, playing with themselves or little kids. Drugs have fucked up their brains. lol !!

ID file

ID.rar - 1017.481 MB

Access this web page using your browser to retrieve this file

  [Hidden Content]

The file will be available on the server for the next 21 days.  (READ THIS SO I DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN) 

I removed one thing in the file, my anti-virus did not like it, even though its being used all over the place. I had someone check it & here is what they say. You can find them on the internet yourself.

  Files deleted from ID file  ( Actually a video editing program & a free download )

Camtasia Studio 8.4.rar  (WinZip File)

Camtasia Studio 8.rar  (WinZip File)

Check about it & what is wrong with it.

If you unzip these files there is a patch which lets you run program without buying it.  These patches usually
involve some coding shenanigans which shows up as a trojan...  Or could be a trojan..
I just erased all the zip files and other unzipped stuff that had to do with Camtasia....
Just a heads up...
Everything else passed muster.

My Norton Security says there is a trojan in the file for the game patch. This is usually true that these files appear to be problematic..

All other files were clean...

 Also:    Just in case you have trouble opening a picture.
A .PSD file is a layered image file used in Adobe PhotoShop. PSD, which stands for Photoshop Document, is the default format that Photoshop uses for saving data. PSD is a proprietary file that allows the user to work with the images' individual layers even after the file has been saved.
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