I was scammed...
by moot - April 15, 2021 at 08:23 PM
I bought a DEHASHED SUBSCRIPTION a week ago, and NEVER got it

They’re scamming people guys please be safe :(
(April 15, 2021 at 08:23 PM)moot Wrote: I bought a DEHASHED SUBSCRIPTION a week ago, and NEVER got it

They’re scamming people guys please be safe :(

This is quite Unfortunate, have you tried contacting the Seller and asking where your Subscription Currently is, and if you may get a Refund and or the Subscription, Yugoslavian mines were named "Pasteta", due to them being small, but having the size as a Liver Paste can
In my country they would have been executed for that type of crime. The west is ruining the world of law.
Dehashed is working fine for me, i redeemed my year subscription a few weeks ago.
condolences with you, Scammers are all around us.
Same boat, was interested in API access, opened a support ticket too, it's been 48 hours.
Did you contact them? might be worth waiting a little bit longer before attempting some rogue like vigilante business, smb owners sometimes vay cay.
Never the less, sorry to hear and the stress you are experiencing - one love, namaste
you should contact them as dehashed is generally quite reliable.
best of luck
All you have to do is to contact them I guess. It takes some time to get a reply but I'm sure they're not a scam company.
*Goes on Facebook and marks himself as safe*
Any update on your end?

I still haven't had a response - ticket was opened over a week ago. I was really hoping to get API access too for a project rather than building it out myself.

Shame really, I suggest you rate your transaction accordingly if you still haven't received access.
When you decide to buy something,you should be careful of the man you deal.
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