I've been 2 years 'clean' from weed.
by 89df09sf0cdfa - April 13, 2019 at 02:34 PM
Hi RF,

After smoking a Q (quarter of an ounce) every 2 days whilst at uni, it eventually took a toll on me and I became psychologically addicted to weed. I know there is no such thing as a chemical addiction to weed, but the culture of sitting up all nights with a large group of people just smoking ourselves silly was so incredible. I realised I was fucking up and neglecting other aspects of my life by doing this, and then I hit a major freak out on my 3rd trip to amsterdam. After this, I had a sudden realisation that I couldn't carry on smonking the 'erb. As it wasn't a chemical addiction, I simply quit cold turkey and haven't had a zoot since.

I still sometimes crave a smoke, but it's so easier to just pass away the thoughts.

Anyone else quit weed? If so, what made you quit? And how do you find live without it?

I may get back on it when it becomes legal in the UK.
Good job i still smoke it evry day hope i will get ride of it.
I also got addicted but I once stopped when it was strictly illegal in my country. Extrajudicial killing took place where noted drug users and dealers where immediately killed by policemen and released on media that the killed suspects 'had' guns and some planted drugs on them.
better for you brother
Happy for you bro, dont smoke that shit.
Sometimes it is good to take a break.
OP is real survivor :D :D :D Unless you're the first person in history to suck dick for some weed, you didn't have a drug problem. Anyway, must have been the highlight of your existence to still be talking about it, two years later. You smoked the reggie if you needed that much. In the future, don't be such a pussy to peer pressure. You smoked, because you cared what assholes, you didn't know, thought about you.
nice job I wish I could stop but I just love fucking while high
well done everything is good progress.
Haven't quit yet, I want to. Totally get what you mean by a psychological addiction man... That's one of the main things I look forward to in Amsterdam. Good on you man, glad you were able to quit.
Honestly on a path to quitting myself, well atleast stop spending money on it.
Good job man, proud of you!

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