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I think my roommates are pedophiles?
So I live in an apartment with 3 other kids while going to college. My little sister, named Akari also lives with us, and all my roommates fucking love her. She always makes them smile with her silly ways and the nicknames she uses. She refers to one roommate as Nii-Chan (we are Japanese and I guess one day she starting calling him it). So one day I see Nii-Chan walk into her room, suspicious of him, I look through the crack in the door and start filming just in case as he is known to have bad tendencies. He begins to her that he wants to repay her for helping him study for a test earlier and always making him laugh. She laughs and smiles and asks him if he wants to play the pop-up pirate game, a game that she loves. He says no, and says he wants to repay her in another way. Shit starts to get nasty here so if you've got a light stomach, I wouldn't read on, even I couldn't look at what happened next. Nii-chan then tells Akari to go on the bed, and lo and behold, poomf! She's on the bed. I was horrified as my little sister proceeded to ask, "What are we going to do on the bed?" He then begins to take off her clothes and play with her. I didn't know what to do. I didn't stop him, I was too scared as my roommate is a lot stronger than me. The horrid intercourse ends with him kissing her, and asking Akari if she's ever been kissed before. She responds by saying that she's been kissed before by my other roommates, specifically Kyou, my old old friend from Japan. I was disgusted. This means my little sister (keep in mind she's only 7) has been molested and raped multiple time by these people. At this point I left, and proceeded to dry heave in the bathroom for awhile. I could not sleep that night. The next day I noticed my sister smelled like semen, and upon asking her she says "I smell like salty coins and milk! It happened while playing with Nii-Chan!" I said ok, and left the conversation as it was. I now have video evidence and a testimony from my sister that my roommates preformed sexual acts to her, and now I don't know what to do. Should I show the footage to Nii-Chan and Kyou to let them see it and forgive them myself, or should I turn it into the police? I know that it is odd coming to RaidForums for help, but I have no where else to turn to besides Yahoo Answers, which will not give me a serious answer. Thank you for reading my story, and I really hope that shit turns out well no matter what decision I make.
Definitely Pedophiles.
top kek m8, btw, i think i might know your sister, I've seen her make cute pomf pomf sounds randomly, keep her safe.
(08-31-2015, 01:37 PM)nukeblast342 Wrote:  top kek m8, btw, i think i might know your sister, I've seen her make cute pomf pomf sounds randomly, keep her safe.

It isn't fucking funny.
ring the police you dumb shit and get them locked up as soon as possible Smile)
this shit isn't funny. it's not a fucking joke
nice anime plot
topkek. Love your work.
(08-31-2015, 01:43 PM)Nain E. Levon Wrote:  nice anime plot

I feel sorry for you :3, But I think its best to never bring it up in a conversation, I think its okay here to vent it, But I'm not sure its okay to mention it to your room mates, Anyway if you do find out that they are pedophiles, Tell us!
Oh gawd, is this legit or something? its bit cringewhorty in the begin, but now... damn. Just inform da popo.
If its not a joke then send it to the police. I have no idea how old your sister is and they are but no. Are you sure it's rape ? Did she enjoy it.

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