I spent $3000 on amazon.
by RaiderForums29 - 01-19-2019, 10:30 PM
How much did you spend?

imagine buying shit from amazon when you could use ur amazon prime to sub for free on twitch then after awhile you start getting free promotional shit sent to your linked mailing address from amazon
How can you spend 3 fucking thousand dollars to amazon?! :D
I hope you did not spend them all in shit ......
however, personally I prefer to give as little money as possible to that broken ass jeff bezos, but if I have to do it ...
said this ali express or e bay from China costs much less ...
Good things come to those who can wait .....
Lol i've never used amazon. feeling like a jew when it comes to money
Haha, so where did you get those credit cards from ;-)

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