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I probably needed one anyways
Well I have been here long nuff so might as well intro myself.

I am gandalf.
I know everything about everything.
I am love.
I am life.

In all seriousness though I came to raidforums after learning about it on 4chan because I was in their community mainly for raids. I'm a programmer/vulnerabily analysis and exploitation expert/private investigator/cool guy. I been extremely active
On here with an average for 5 post a day (or more) and love the community! I recently joined keksquad and (not so recently made a tutorial on litterally everything you need to know to be 1337 (general tutorial section 'guide to everything') I hope to stay active on here as school starts and can't wait to get to know the rest of you!

- love gandalf
welcome Keepo. gg
You are an [MVP] without having the [MVP] badge thingy and only SirBlastoise welcomes you.

Let me welcome you 3 times:


and 1 Whalecum:


Keep doing what you are doing, love your work!
Idk wtf ravioli just said but hey, late welcome buddy :D
(08-28-2015, 07:48 AM)Paradox Wrote:  Idk wtf ravioli just said but hey, late welcome buddy :D

Lel, i mean he's kinda new, but does a lot of stuff for RF. That's why I see him as a real [MVP] without having the [MVP]-rank thingy in front of his name.
welcum my lovah. Read rules so I no have to banerino Heart
a Rftechpony with a Nigger rank kek

w e l c o m e 彡
Late welcome to rf buddy.
gandalf are u triggered? Cause pred didnt reply to ur intro Keepo
Ur gey buts thats ok bc gay people are gey and ur cewl
Hey Silly Little Sailor Welcome Aboard My Boat
im gonna break into your house and burn a swastika on your cats forehead!!!!

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