I need a real hacker I got a drug addict teen girl and I need to hack her phone to s
by Gibsonearnest - November 24, 2021 at 07:45 PM
I got a drug addict teen girl and I need to hack her phone to see who see getting hieon from cause she done over dose 3 times and I fear next will be the last so I been looking for a hacker I do been scammed 4 times for 1200 I done heard it all so if that u let s not waste each other time I believe in show and tell prove what u can do no spoof tricks no I tell u your password for a old email I done already fell for that twice don't send  me a dash of the cell phone and then o y'all phone s are different need more money for software ECT ect
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You're welcome!
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Rehab would be way more effective.
All the best
man, it doesn't matter who's she getting the drugs from if she's still an addict, you have to fix the main problem itself!
getting rid of the dealer won't really do a thing, it'll just slow down the rate of the doses, so try to help her, make sure that she realizes that she's in a real problem that can get her killed, and show that you care and want to help.
wish you luck

I'm meth addicted and if someone hacked my phone I would be pissed off to death...
Message me on Telegram: @banditwc
Man, that isn't going to fix it. Send her to rehab, or to prison. Either will be better for her than continuing what she's doing now. Don't get scammed again, and best of luck to you.
Not anyone here or anywhere else will someone sell you the service you need and you'll just get scammed, as a drug user myself I can attest that stopping one drug dealer won't make a difference. Tell her how much it hurts you and suggest rehab.
it is not the dealers fault... would you try to take down a liquor store if she is a alcoholic? she will just find another source. dont waste your energy

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