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I might actually have the novel Coronavirus.... (serious)
by thekilob - March 02, 2020 at 10:09 AM
sup RF community!
as some of you may know, i'm an italian pizza delivery headass, and right now italy is one of those countries with a seriously bad case of COVID-19
the thing is, i've been having this bad cough for a while now (covid-19 attacks the lungs), and i have reason to believe i have come in contact with someone with the virus
what do y'all think i should do? i was thinking going around my city trying to infect as many people as i can, lol
Go to the hospital and try not to come into contact with anyone directly until you're there ofc. Tf kind of question is this
Take a spoonful of flour and cinnamon, then run around in your city center.
You should go to the hospital as quickly as possible, or call the emergency phone in time, the hospital will arrange for isolation and treatment, so your survival rate is very high
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Call the hospital on the phone
Go to a dance party tonight bro, you may not get another chance!

Nah j/k this isn't something that even needs to be asked, you call for an ambulance (don't go walking around a hospital or sitting in a doctor's waiting room lol!)

edit.. Forgot to add, do you remember which pizzas you spat on? You need to tell those people too
Stay the fuck away from me, that's for sure.
Go for a nice long cruise, I hear those are all the rage
Go to the hospital and tell them you think you have it. Don't go around spreading it you fucking loser.
(March 08, 2020 at 01:19 AM)Sem Wrote: Go to the hospital and tell them you think you have it. Don't go around spreading it you fucking loser.

yeah literally this go get that checked out now
Go to the hospital and try to get tested!
But even if the test is positive, do not panic! This virus is annoying only if you're more than 60 years old or if you have another serious decease.
welp... cases are rising faster and faster here! whole country's on lockdown :) still haven't got myself checked

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