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I'm going to be Offline
So... My flight to Los Angeles, California closes in at about 48 hours. I won't be online tomorrow too much which is 10/11/15 due to packing. I might be online 10/12/15 if there is Internet Connection at the Airport I will go to first (KJFK)

So hopefully you guys wish my flight to go well, because I am really looking forward to go on this little break or vacation I guess you can say.

More Information
Seat 36K
American Airlines
what flight number... im gonna tell my 'friend' his name is Muhammad, he wants to go to Los Angeles.... Kappa

[Image: 9384.jpg]
Good luck I suppose.
Stay as a spooky skeleton plox, gl on the flight (not that i'm planning anything)
Sad thing is i cant tell if he is joking or not. Ive met some true autism on this website i just cant tell anymore
K then, Bye faggot
Ban reason: Ban evading as coocoolio (Permanent)
let's dox this niggas airplane

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