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I'll make things for you
I can implement web based interfaces, web based modules, and am fairly good with scripting.

I specialize in web development and python.

I'll make you shit just contact me at:

Skype: kei1ch
Email: [email protected]

I'd prefer skype though kthxbye

EDIT: I'm also really good at server administration and I know a good deal about "h4x0ring" as the kids call it these days.
I'll show you how to navigate in a unix based environment and how to host services, wipe logs, create cron jobs, and moar.
Holy shit this must be fucking bait
(02-26-2016, 05:52 PM)thesecretjew Wrote:  Holy shit this must be fucking bait

Sorry I am kinda new here, plus I am not a native English speaker, what do you mean by bait? He is not legit? :(
[..]I'll make you shit just contact me [...]

I genuinely smiled.

[..]  I know a good deal about "h4x0ring" [...]

totally lost it and almost spilled my pre-workout-doping. Smile

[Image: internet-grandma-surprise-nigerian-busin...-legit.jpg]
Why don't you make free tutorials?
I would like a sandwich
Make me a sandwich. (Please?)
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fansign plz
↓ Write this ↓
Ban reason: Leaking information about RF members in shoutbox. MSG me for proof. (Permanent)
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