I killed the Owner Of Hola VPN!
by SirDogeRaidson - July 01, 2015 at 02:12 PM
I was told to download Hola VPN. So as I do I typed it up and I downloaded it... Once I set the VPN up I looked up the reviews and everyone was saying it was a Botnet. Since I am highly autistic I don't know what a botnet meant. I assumed it was a Bot and a Net together and I also thought 9gag were trolling me again.
So I carried on days later news came out about Hola it was owned by the Jews... I screamed at the top of my lungs. "HITLER I WILL AVENGE YOU." I got a plane to Isreal, I was armed to the teeth with explosives, ammo and guns. Once we landed I began my massacre to the Hola HQ. I had killed many Jews for Hitler and I was proud of myself. I heard lots of sirens... It was the Israeli police force. I gunned most of them down and GTA'd a Jews car. I rammed it into the HQ, then I throw a few grenades in. I stormed my way in killing as many as I can. Until I reached the Owner, his name was Ofer Vilenski. I pulled my shotgun out and blasted his face in with over 6 12 gauge slugs. I finally completed my mission! I screamed again "Gas The Jews"

The End.
You can never trust those damn jews.
Did you scream allahu akbar?
I was going to... Never trust the jews.
(July 01, 2015 at 02:57 PM)SirDogeRaidson Wrote: I was going to... Never trust the jews.

yeah dont trust does fuckers
They will steal all your shekels and rare pepes
This post gave me cancer but still worth reading, 9/11 writing skills.

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