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I have le new waifu
[Image: b56c736864264faaa2d03945da1cfeb7]
My new waifu is Yuno
This is yuno yuno is batshit crazy and so am i :D
Yuno is cute as FUCK...
Yuno has pink hair FUCKING PINK HAIR
Yuno is love
Yuno is life
Touch i will SKULL FUCK YOU
[Image: 3b03d8e5ede1aa0589544c75a9657de7.jpg]
Mirai Nikki eh? I'll take Akise.
shit waifu
shit taste

kill yourself

Tachibana Slyphy is master race.
(08-13-2015, 08:21 PM)Weeaboo Slayer Wrote:  shit waifu
shit taste

kill yourself

Tachibana Slyphy is master race.
for you i will
Shit waifu kys pls
Yuno is a crazy bitch!

Levi from Trinity Seven is the best
(08-14-2015, 09:35 PM)Cryptiq Wrote:  Shit waifu kys pls

your waifu is Rias, you have no right to talk LOL

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