I got hacked
by backyaro - September 26, 2021 at 06:32 PM
not really well i did get hacked but at the same time i didnt
was checking my mega.nz burner account if anyof the links were expired, i was checking from the desktop app, i noticed a file called ContentOptimizer getting uploaded so many times soo i tried logging it from the browser which i couldnt tried requesting a change password email and guess what it didnt recognize my email anyways i was able to login back using the backup key in the desktop app and after logging in to the browser app there is no files that i havent uploaded
im still confused till this moment if anypne can explain please do so
definitely some malware/shitty malicious thing trying to spread through your desktop. Try running a real good AV/endpoint security option, else clean everything on your PC. I hate when something like this happens, but try it brother :D
Something like this happened to me once, I think it was from a firefox extension I downloaded. Because after I downloaded the extension i also logged into netflix and my account password was changed. I think some of these browser extensions are stealing data, watch out.

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