I ate cake today
day1 of blog:I ate cake today and it tasted like kek
I ate cheese pizza today; tasted like kek to
I ate a penis today, it tasted like 9/11
Cute blog though, waiting for updates. Kappa
This has to be the most informative and important blogs out there on the internet. Thank you, good sir.
I today set sails as the wind was high, I got onto my boat and sailed the red seas and sky with the white boat I had. I saw there was a circular shape at the bottom of the sea and went to get it and brought it back on my ship. My ship then turned into a hideous creature and we had to kill it.
'' cake '' has 4 letters

''Illuminati has 10 letter

what could this mean.....

i dont know.....

is this for real....

omg no way.....

i can count till ten!

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