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I am Electron
i am real owner 10/10 no skam XD

so yeah I am a cool twitchraiderxxd

jk Omnipotent is owner
Ban reason: Same IP as a banned user: RaidZ0R Not a VPN. If there is a problem with the ban please feel free to appeal the ban. (Permanent)
Welcome @Electron To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Fucking samefag...

Welcome to raidforums, you're probably already cancer.
hi lecookie or o j or me
2legittoquit go get em bb
10/10 Cringed pretty hard at your autism homie.
wtf ur copy cat stole my whole c0nc3pt fagOT
Ban reason: Posting NSFW content on shoutbox. (1d, 5h, 29m remaining)

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