Hypothetical question
by uAbnoBuC - September 21, 2017 at 03:26 AM
Note: this is purely curiousity. I don't plan nor condone any illegal activity

If something has changed with this site since my last visit regarding the rules of swatting, I apologize refusely. But I haven't been able to find anything that shows this is against the sites rules - if it is, i apologize for my incompetency.

Hypothetical question: If someone were to ask a reputable member of raidforums to swat someone's house (providing said person had the address, full names of residents, phone numbers, emails) how much would it cost?

BTC of course, (or any reasonable cryptocurrency of reputable members choice)

Thanks in advance for any replies/advice Smile

"10. Blackhat Activity:"

"Making a prank police hoax (swat) or bomb threat is extremely illegal, morally wrong by my standards, and is not allowed. Additionally, serious discussions about swatting and bomb threat-ing any individual are prohibited."


"5. SWAT'ing:"

" SWAT threats or the action of SWAT'ing is not allowed in the shoutbox."
its a bad idea anyway Smile
I never understand this kind of pranks/ raids. order some pizza to that guy's address (a lot of pizza's/food), do anything else other than send him some heavily armed mens who have other important things to do.

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