Hurb Database - Leaked, Download!
by ShinyHunters - July 23, 2020 at 01:07 PM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the Hurb Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

In approximately March 2019, the online Brazilian travel agency Hurb (formerly Hotel Urbano) suffered a data breach. The data subsequently appeared online for download the following year and included over 20 million customer records with email and IP addresses, names, dates of birth, phone numbers and passwords stored as unsalted MD5 hashes.

Compromised data: Dates of birth, Email addresses, IP addresses, First names, Last names, Passwords, Phone numbers, Socialmedia links, Geographical locations

This download consists of 1 .SQL file, the passwords in this file are hashed using unsalted MD5 please look below for data schema. The .7z File's MD5 Hash is 9700E29CC6513B30578ABF8594217DE1. Total record count of 20727771.
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you are a shiny hunter Heart
thanks for the share dude
Thanks for the share and I love MD5
someone can crack plesss ..
Amazing release! Thank you.
Thank you verry much! I admire your hacking skills!
Very nice share Gabriel Kimiaie Asadi Bildstein & Nassim Ben Haddou from Grenoble
Amazing share bro, Although I looking for someone who can crack the MD5 passwords!
Nice work.

Nice work. You got it directly from their site or something else? I am a newbie at hacking (such a script kiddie) and would like to learn about leaks
Thank you very much! you are the best shiny hunter
Amazing release! Thank you.
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