Human Weakness OSINT
by karabacakshady - September 26, 2021 at 12:58 AM
Human weakness is always there, I am keen on looking human behavior and patterns of most individuals. Humans never change, their habits, their way of thinking and emotions. Most of the exploits can be done easily if human emotions are manipulated to such an extent that the person becomes the puppet and you as a master have control over the target. 

I have been focusing on human subjects since the last four years, most of the exploits involve humans, systems are weak, even the strongest systems will fail if the human element is weak.

Just an observation made and experimented with over the years. Sharing this so that social engineering aspects can be more focused through psychological aspects of manipulation. 

Social engineering is fun, a thrill, an adventure and a thirst of getting out there and getting things done.

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