Hows your day?
by Were - September 20, 2021 at 11:14 PM
Just asking, hows your day, how are you feeling?
ok, i stretched my ass to 5in today. so i guess that's a win
(September 20, 2021 at 11:46 PM)ElevenFiftyNine Wrote: ok, i stretched my ass to 5in today. so i guess that's a win

Very impressive. did you require assistance?
I've been having frequent psychosis and high blood pressure issues. Other than that, I've been fine.
it was pretty good u know going just breathing and eating
Thanks for asking, but I suffer from dementia :(
Feeling kinda bored.... nothing new, no challenge in sight
Very impressive. .......
Very well , since we have no lookdown anymore here so i can enjoy night walks
omarr0 You're right about the lockdown. Since the quarantine is over, it became easier to play with my kids because now I'm not 24/7 with them, and they go to kindergarten and learn some games there. At the time of lockdown, it was almost impossible to keep my kids entertained, and I even had to buy this playground to keep them active. Now I really appreciate the fact that they can go to the local playground and communicate with kids there.
Woke up, logged in video game, make coffee, shower, eat food, maybe workout, rinse, repeat, 3peat.

Pushing skids back like lebron james hairline yadigg
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I'm feeling like shit. I'm broke and need to pay the rent. Any donations via paypal will do wonders! Message me for paypal details!

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