How you sleep
by sidfafg2 - November 12, 2019 at 07:25 PM
I have lot of problems with sleeping especially if I'm on pc or have somethhing in my mind.
 I wanted to ask it here, to the people close to pc
Same problems bruh, for sure many of us haha
I take melatonin pills to make me extra sleepy if i feel like my sleeppattern is getting messed up from working different shifts and they really do help so I would recommend trying that maybe it works for you too
same here, weird how we all have trouble sleeping....
stick to regime of not using anything with screens for hour before going to bed and drink enough wasser to stay hydrated.
Niquill PM, make sure to get the pm, am doesn't do shit lmao
I do not have any problems when I want to sleep
Not very original, but on my back !
Try turning it off for at least an hour before bed, that and any screens. Break lil habits, read a book or something.
Badly, rolling around the whole time. A pin drop could wake me up.
I just just turn off my PC an hour before I go to bed so im not wide awake
2 viagra and sleeping pills makes me sleep like a rock

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