How to use .sql files
by crushingapples - August 15, 2019 at 03:48 PM
Hi Folks,

Today I have downloaded a couple of dbs where it is having files .sql in it. I am not sure how to use those files. Can anyone please advise me on the same?
Software that opens .sql files
Or just open it on a website that you can open file on
i use sqlite - works for most
Hosting your own sql server locally could also be an option. You should learn basics like SELECT and JOIN.
I run sql on my Linux. I import the dump.
mysql -u username –-password=your_password database_name < file.sql

That way I can run sql commands on the database.
Select * from customers;
Just download any sql opener
sqlworkbench can help import 4 u
what do you mean by use ?
Do you mean like actually use it actively on a hosted site or do you mean use it as in open and read the file ?
Both are easy btw
You got all sorts of options man, just pick an app to open and read them.
As others have said, you can use these files and import the content into a database. Think of them as kinda of like scripts. They automate the creation and population of databases. Most of the sql found here is going to be compatiable with MySQL (MariaDB). You can also regex/grep them as the formating of the data is standardized (usually), and just pull out the bulk data you want.

I do not know of any tools (perhaps I will create one if people are interested enough), but it should be possible with the right scripts/tools to convert these files into XML or JSON too. For sure you can export the data to CSV/XML/etc once imported into a database system.

Good question. Hope my answer helped a bit. Feel free to ask me any follow up questions or whatever.
sqlite is very simple tool to manage sql files

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