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How to stay safe and not get v&'ed in the upcoming red room
The ISIS redroom: A Guide to staying safe

So, Theres a new redroom coming up on the onion site http://vlr2s4g732zw6yim.onion/ The redroom is said to feature the live killings of 2 members of isis, Obviously this news has been making the rounds on 4chan and a lot of other sites, and obviously their is a lot of suspicion around it so I've decided to make a quick thread detailing on how to watch this stream safely and securely in the event it has been bugged or is being monitored by organisations by the nsa and whatnot, This guide will be an exhaustive list on how to minimise your chances of getting caught.

1. Firstly install a Virtual Machine client, I recommend

2. Begin installing A windows 7 ISO, you can find them on the pirate bay (The reason we are using windows instead of a linux based OS is because their isn't a lot of working VPNS for linux systems.)

3. Load up the Windows ISO on Your VM, follow the steps located here

4. Install Tor onto the VM once its installed, You can download Tor here

5. Install a VPN of your choice, I would recommend vypr vpn but a cracked hotspot shield would work just fine

6. navigate to the .onion link and watch the stream safely and securely.
Nice tutorial so I moved it to General Tutorials
Really nice tut, thank you man.

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