How to start mastering SE as a beginner?
by emoji47 - September 21, 2021 at 08:18 AM
I've been reading out few SE methods and also some books on them, but since practice is essential, do we try on selected targets?

I am just starting out and don't want to be leaving trails initially.

So if someone can tell how they started out on practicing, it'll be great :D

PS: expecting takeaways from expert SE practitioners
target the interest of folks, most they catch up by their greeds.
Terlalu sulit tanpa petunjuk ahli, mungkin akan lebih baik bila memiliki keterampilan dasar berbahasa yang baik. Topik pembicaraan yang menarik sebenarnya.
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Depends on what specifically you want to do but in general I think the following should be practiced frequently
Active listening.
Remember and learn their interests and what they like talking about.
Know/figure out how they carry themselves and what type of person they are. For example negative (may like to complain) or positive (may really enjoy complements).
target the interest of folks, most they catch up by their greeds.
human greed is usually the easiest exploitable factor

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