How to make your Skype unresolvable and how to resolve
by Door - September 20, 2015 at 07:23 AM
Making your skype unresolvable

Method 1
How to block Skype IP resolvers in 11 easy steps.
1. You want to start by signing into your Skype account.
2. Now that you've logged into account you want to head over to the Tools tab.
3. Now that you're in the Tools tab select Options.
4. Now you're in the options head over to the Advanced tab.
5. Now that you're in the Advanced Tab select Connection.
6. In the blank box next to "Use port" type in any custom port you would want to use ex. 45678.
7. Now make sure to check the box next to "Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections"
8. Now click the drop down box and select SOCKS5.
9. In the "Host" box type in and for "Port" type in 40031.
10. Make sure the check box next to "Enable proxy authentication" is unchecked.
11. Now make sure the check box is checked next to "Enable uPnP" and "Allow direct connections to your contacts only." and you're done.

note: You could also use a vpn, but if you don't have a payed one its probaly slow and you don't want it to affect your whole connection.
note: Not completely safe, some apis and null bots can pick you up

Method 2
1. Get a good proxy
2.  Find a fast HTTPS proxy (make sure its HTTPS not HTTP)
3. Put the IP of the proxy in host, and the port the proxy is using in port
4. [Image: syBUYnw.png]
5. Restart skype
Resolving skypes
Method 1
1. Use a skype resolver (most used method)
2. Type in skype username into the resolver
3. ?? Profit
Resovlers I recommend: skypegrab, skresolver, etc

Method 2
1. Download a network analysis tool, and or use the resource monitor built into your pc. (Wireshark, cain and abel, etc)
2. Send a message or call the person
3. Look for a spike in a skype connection (check connection settings to see what port skype is using)
4. Convert the hostname into an ip
5. Profit

This is to help out the Rftechponys, so people will stop asking. These methods are old and commonly used.
Nice tutorial. Easy to follow and this will help out a bunch of people.
(September 20, 2015 at 04:43 PM)Sem Wrote: Nice tutorial. Easy to follow and this will help out a bunch of people.

Thank you for the feedback Smile
time to dox you Keepo
10/10 will help and make me feel safe using skype
(September 28, 2015 at 01:09 AM)Vanissery Wrote: time to dox you Keepo

k just check cridet bin Kappa
Thanks, easy to follow

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