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How to make a glowing neon bottle!
Made this with a blast shield over my dick nigga #vapegod #post4likes
Hahahaha I swear I remember seeing something like this on 4chan ages ago kek
Guys trust me, it's legit! Just don't be anywhere near it when you put in all the ingredients and you'll be perfectly fine and entertained!
Dude I did it and it blew my dick off.
(08-14-2015, 07:04 PM)TheBabyBlendeR Wrote:  just in case some autistic tries this... don't it makes a bomb, and the other one makes an acid that can kill you... don't be autistic pls Heart Kappa

fucking white knight
I decided to put in my toilet

Toilet went f Heart
rip people who tried but didn't know what they really were
WOAH, Looks awesome!!!1111 gonna try this now Smile
im dead... yay tnx
totally not a bomb

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