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How to kill yourself
make sure the noose knot is on the side or even better the front, not the back! This will aid the snapping of your neck and make the death quicker, less painful. Also make sure the rope can handle a 6ft drop with your weight.
Id get one with around 1000lb test to be safe but do velocity math with your own body weight to be safe.

Alternative method: Epsom salts and muriatic acid. Mix them and breathe deep. Dead. You can buy the acid at lowes and epsom salts at target.

*Bonus Fact: The most succesfull mode of suicide is shotgun blast to face.(less than 1% survival rate compared to nearly 2/3 with cutters)

Best of luck!
Thx for tutorial bro!
i cant kill myself if i commit suicide first
A very detailed tutorial, Thanks Man!
too dangerous lol might die
Instructions unclear. I bombed September 9/11
Hell yeaaa , teach me sempai %%
Can vouch for this shit! Did it yesterday!
10/10 method i died instantly Heart
you don't need to do lol. life kill your self day by day.

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