How to get peoples passwords
by Halfskull - 03-21-2019, 08:26 PM
Today I introduce a massive update to BaseQuery, a opensource and FREE piece of software for all of you hooligans. If you have your own collection of databases from browsing this site over time, as of right now they are practically useless to you. If your solution it to grep Gigs and even Tera-bytes of data... Good Luck. BaseQuery handles all of the sorting and organization for you. One of the big new features added is Facebook's zstd loss-less compression algorithm, compressing those hundereds of giga-bytes down to around 7% of the original size.

BaseQuery V1.5

BaseQuery is now a quadruply nested directory stucture making looking up users passwords INSTANTANEOUS.
On good hardware we can see average import speed times of about 12,000 - 18,000 lines per second!
Want to know how long it is going to take yourspecific hardware?
      - Use option #2
      - Enter the approximate amount of lines you want to import
      - After 2 seconds Base Query will give you tons of metrics about your specific hardware import speed

To make it even more convienient for you, we have added the ability to recursivly look through the PlaceYourDataBasesHere directory.

Now you can search by domain name. Lets say you want to find everyone in your database using gmail
     - Use option #3 to query
     - Type ""

The BaseQuery team has worked hard to commit genocide on bugs and improve the overall performance of BaseQuery.

Another awesome new feature is the ability to output any of your query's to a file to later analyze your findings.

So how do I get started?
    - To install and configure follow the steps bellow
    - Clone the repository (type "git clone" into a terminal)
    - type "sudo chmod 755 -R BaseQuery/"
    - type "cd BaseQuery"
    - type "./"
     - type "./"

    - To add databases
    - Simply place all of your files or folders in the 'PlaceYourDataBasesHere' folder
    - type ./
    - follow the on screen instructions
        - To insert and sort all of the files in the 'PlaceYourDataBasesHere' folder choose option 1
        - To calculate how long your specific hardware will take to import all of the files choose option 2
        - To search for an email addresses password choose option 3
        - Don't have a target email address?
            - Use option 4 which will allow you to harvest email addresses from a company ex) will find you email addresses ending in ""

    ex) [email protected]                          [ Searches for all passwords associated with this address ]
    ex) [email protected]                                             [ Searches for all passwords for any email addresses starting with this username ]
    ex)                                [ Searches for all passwords for any email addresses ending with this domain name ]
    ex) /home/user/Desktop/email_list.txt     [ Searches line by line through the file for all passwords for each email address ]

Github Repo:

All the code if heavily commented (written in Python 3.6 and Bash )
Message me on github or twitter with any bugs and stuff

Author Github:     
Author Twitter:
thanks for releasing this for free my dude1
(04-10-2019, 01:54 PM)justwant1link Wrote: thanks for releasing this for free my dude1

No problem. Open source FTW
This might actually be useful. But wouldn't you need a decent pc?
Thanks for share hope it will work.
nice i'll keep you guys up to date, this feels nice thanks ^^
(04-19-2019, 10:41 AM)martindussolier Wrote: nice i'll keep you guys up to date, this feels nice thanks ^^

Yup no problem
Thanks for share hope it will work.

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